1/35 AN/VIC-2 "Pre-SINCGARS"

1/35 AN/VIC-2 "Pre-SINCGARS"

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This is a set of 2 1/35 AN/VIC-2 intercoms. It includes 2 AM-7162 (Amplifer, Audio Frequency), C-2742, C-11133, C-11135 and 4 LS-454 loudspeakers and over 30-50 connectors. The AN/VIC-2 was in use from the 1970's to the early 2000's when it was replaced by the VIC-3 and subsequently by the VIC-5. The VIC-2 is able to provide communication for up to 5 crew members in a vehicle. The VIC-2 system can be used with AN/VRC-12 radio sets as well as SINCGARS sets.

If you would like the printed supports removed from the product, please go here: https://www.mikesmsproductions.com/shop/support-removal. Otherwise, the product will be shipped to you with supports in place. The item may require additional curing times after supports are removed.

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