1/35 AN/VIC-3(V) LV2 Intercom Set

1/35 AN/VIC-3(V) LV2 Intercom Set



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This is a set of 1/35 AN/VIC-3 intercoms for use specifically with light vehicles. It includes 2 MCS/L (Master Control Station Light), 4 FFCS/L (Full Function Crew Station Light), 2 RIT (Radio Interface Terminal), 2 RAFT (Remote Access Field Telephone) and 4 LS-688/VRC Loudspeakers. This set is for use on many modern military vehicles. Please check your references for which vehicles use the pieces, which pieces are used and where they are placed. These pieces are used on light vehicles such as HMMWVs, light trucks and some MRAPs. This set is also used on Rigid Inflatable Boats.

LV2 Brochure from Cobham Group
LV2 MCS/L and FFCS/L Brochures from Chelton Defense Communications

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