1/35 AN/VIC-5 Intercom Set

1/35 AN/VIC-5 Intercom Set

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This is a 1/35 and 1/16 set of the AN/VIC-5 intercom system that is currently being fielded by the US Armed Forces. This system offers increased communication capabilities and backwards compatibility with the AN/VIC-3 systems plus PC and Ethernet connections. This set consists the TGS, mTGS, ECS, ACS and ITS as well as DECS, DACS, Expansion Units and Loudspeakers.

The VIC-5 system has been developed for use on many vehicles including, but not limited to:
M1A1/A2 Abrams
M2A2/A3 and M3A2/A3 Bradleys
M1151 EAC, M1152 and later HMMWV's
Stryker family of vehicles

Cobham TacG2 (AN/VIC-5) Brochure. Found here: Cobham TacG2 Brochure
Northrop Grumman AN/VIC-5(V) (VIS-X) Brochure. Found here: NGC AN/VIC-5 Brochure
US Army EIS Communicator Fall 2013 Newsletter. Found here: EIS Communicator
NGGC Brief to Army National Guard Task Force Meeting, 10 Dec, 2014. Found here: NGGC 10-12-14 Briefing 

Model Number: MSP35-003

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