1/35 SINCGARS Radio Set

1/35 SINCGARS Radio Set

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The SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System) Combat Net Radio was developed in the mid-late 1980's by ITT to replace the Vietnam-era AN/VRC-12 and AN/PRC-77 systems. The SINCGARS system is modular, allowing for maximum cominality between users. In use currently are the ICOM (Integrated Communications Security) and ASIP (Advanced Special Improvement Program).

This set includes the following:
2 AM-7239 amplifiers
2 SINCGARS RT-1523A/B/C/D ICOM radios
2 SINCGARS RT-1523E/F ASIP radios

6 H-250/U handsets
3 LS-671/VRC speakers
2 AN/PRC-152; 1 with and 1 without GPS module
1 AN/PRC-154 handheld radio

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